The Ski Shoe Experience

When you walk into The Ski Shoe, know you’re about to have the best boot fitting experience you’ve ever had. Located in Park City, Utah, The Ski Shoe is an out-of-the-box boot fitting experience – the place to get your boots fit, analyzed and have positive adjustments made by incorporating your body’s specific bio-mechanics.

We are also proud to be partnered with Biomoto USA. BioMoto is a body motion capturing company that analyzes how and why the body moves. We collect data and specialize in building custom sensormotoric insoles for every athletic or walking shoe.

Custom Ski Boot Fitting & Custom Insoles by Biomoto Utah

Our Services

Boot Fitting

Our boot fitting techniques provide not just a better, more comfortable fit – but superior performance on the mountain!

BioMoto Insoles

The Ski Shoe is partnered with Biomoto’s Sensormotoric Insoles. Our insoles are proven to help cure neuromas and plantar fasciitis. No matter your sport or activity, our expertise will maximize your efficiency and movement to bring forth your full potential. Think: better ski turns, more accurate golf swings, more comfortable and efficient pedal strokes.