The Ski Shoe – Custom Boot Fit

Bring in your current boot, or if you need a different/new ski boot, we will work with you to analyze your foot to determine which boot will work best and help you decide where to purchase them. Bring your boots back to The Ski Shoe for your custom ski boot fit. We will create a 3D scan to determine your proper alignment and stance. The Ski Shoe custom boot fit is based on the knowledge, technology and the desire to make sure your foot is working properly inside that plastic shell! Click here to view pricing.

The Boot Fit Experience

1. Your First Visit

• Foot analysis – current and past boot issues/problems

•Discuss skier performance and goals

• Analyze the current boot

• Discuss Zip Fit custom liner option

2. Customizing Your Ski Boot

• If your current boots are appropriate, we’ll make the proper adjustments today

• Make a 3D scan of your lower legs and feet for exact measurements

• Cook and last the shell to your specific bone structure

3. Building an Insole

• Discuss various insole options from Sidas to Biomoto

• We’ll create your custom insole

4. Stance, Alignment and Balance Assessment

• The Ski Shoe will make sure your leverage points are in appropriate relationship to the ski boot for most efficient ‘power to the edge’!

5. Go Skiing!

• The Ski Shoe is confident that your experience on the mountain has never been better! Should any further adjustments be necessary, we will work with you to get it right.