About BioMoto Custom Insoles

Biomoto’s specializes in biomechanics to provide custom insoles to provide sensormotoric and proprioceptive foot alignment and captures body motion to analyze how the body moves and makes the appropriate adjustments to make your custom insoles for all athletic shoes. In addition to athletic performance, Biomoto’s custom insoles are also proven to help with planter fasciitis, arch pain and neuroma. So, whether using the Biomoto insole in a golf shoe, soccer cleats, cycling shoe or ice skate – the Biomoto footbed helps provide correct alignment and overall performance enhancement for the pro to the everyday athlete. Click here to view pricing.

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“If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.”

-Warren Miller

The Biomoto Experience

1. Your First Appointment

• 7-step range of motion assessment

• Foot-point diagram

• Palpation sequence

• Client history

• Accurate foot marking

• Foot Scan

• Video analysis

2. Your Second Appointment

• Plan on coming back in to get your Biomoto insoles within 3-4 days

• We’ll make any final adjustments

3. Experience your Insoles

• Plan to spend some time getting used to your new insoles

• Within 10,000 steps, your body should be adjusted to your new insoles

• Experience the difference in your overall body